Two drinks per day may be too much for men
22 Jan 2018 at 8:00am
A new study shows that men who start drinking as teenagers have a higher risk of liver disease. Dosage counts and current guidelines may be too lax.

Cannabis: Brain alterations may explain feelings of alienation
18 Jan 2018 at 4:00pm
New research examines the effects of heavy cannabis use on brain activity, behavior, and feelings of negative emotionality such as alienation.

Is pediatric surgery a gateway to opioid misuse?
10 Jan 2018 at 10:00am
A recently published retrospective study has investigated the prevalence of long-term opioid use in adolescents and young adults following surgery.

How does alcohol cause cancer?
4 Jan 2018 at 8:00am
It is established that alcohol can cause cancer, but the exact mechanisms behind the process are unclear. New research takes a more detailed look.

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